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Wide Format Printer

Wide Format Printer Advanced Photocopy

Best Wide Format Printers

What is a wide format printer? Have you ever needed a bigger printer to deal with all your printing requirements? Have you ever found yourself stuck in a regular 8 inches x 10 inches world but wanted something a little bigger? Well, wide format printers are just the thing for you. However, buying one product from such an enormous library of products is not really something easy. So, if you think you need some suggestions about what product you should buy, you’re in the right place. Here are three of the best wide format printers you can buy at the moment. 

Premium Wide Format Printer: HP DesignJet Z9

Wide format printer HP designjet Z9

HP DesignJet Z9 is a premium option in the world of wide format printers which aims to print fast without ever compromising on the speed. It’s widely used by professional photographers, service providers and graphic designers. Who don’t just want high-quality prints, but also look for consistency and speed.

The Z9 comes with HP’s Pixel Control. Which uses the company’s high-def printheads made specifically for dual drop technology to achieve a much clear and precise image with a much better gloss uniformity with HP’s Gloss Enhancer. 

The printer comes with a 2400 nozzle-per-inch high-definition print. Moreover, it allows you to paint much faster by giving you the option to deal with adjustments much faster with dual roll support and automatic roll switching.

HP also makes sure its consumers have the utmost level of comfort with its HP PrintOS. The software lets you remotely control and better manage your printing productivity and ensure the fastest possible service you could get with a wide-format printer.

Powerhouse Wide Format Printer: DesignJet T120

Wide format printers in NJ HP designjet T120  Advanced Photocopy

HP being the printer powerhouse it is, takes the second spot on our list as well with their T120 wide format printer. It is one of the most versatile printers out there in terms of storage space. You can chuck it on any desk, shelf or use the optional stand for a more convenient option. Moreover, it also has wireless connectivity allowing you to keep your main setup clean and sleek and place the T120 pretty much anywhere close to a power plug.

The T120 is also compatible with Apple and Android devices with HP’s smart Mobile Printing feature.

The T120 has a 24-inch size and spends about 465 seconds printing each page. It does come with sheet feed, roll feed and an automatic cutter to make your life that much easier.

Canon IP8720

Wide format printer Canon IP8720 Advanced Photocopy

The Canon IP8720 is one of the best machines ever put forward by the tech giant. It’s one of our personal favorites due to all the premium technologies loaded into this printer. It comes with 9600 dpi for consistently incredible print quality.

The convenience factor of the IP8720 is just through the roof. It comes with an Auto-Power On feature that turns the printer on every time you send a document to be printed. It has built-in wireless connectivity allowing you to print from pretty much anywhere around the house. Also comes with PIXMA Printing Solutions and AirPrint. These giving you the option to print with the PPS App or directly on Apple products without additional drivers.

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