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Digital Printing

Digital printing - Advanced Photocopy

The Future of Printing – Digital Printing.

Digital printing means using different digital devices to print from a digital image directly to a variety of media. The most popular methods include inkjet or laser printers that deposit pigment or toner onto a wide variety of substrates. These including paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, metal, marble, and other substances.

Smartwatches, computers, smartphones, etc. are just a few examples of everyday devices that have gone digital and revolutionized our lives with their functionality, ease of use, and performance.

The only constant in life is change and the industries that stay afloat are those which are willing to change with the times and always work on improving their design.

Digital Printing - Advanced Photocopy in NJ

In a world where everything is going digital, the printing industry is not far off and once we realize just how the digital system is revolutionizing the printing industry, it will not be a mystery anymore why the future of printing is truly digital. 

What is Digital Printing in simple words? 

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand what digital printing is and how it is different from its predecessors. Digital printing involves printing an image from an electronic file on a computer. 

This is different from traditional techniques that require printing plates, films, or blocks depending on the process being used.

Unlike traditional printing, digital printing directly lays the toner on the surface of the material of our choice instead of having it penetrate the material. 

The toner then adheres to the material due to heat or UV treatment. This direct application method eliminates the press plate step that is necessary for traditional printing thus making this a much faster method.

How Is It Done?

The first step is to make the artwork, this is done on a computer. Next, the image is sent to the printer in the form of a digital file GIF, TIFF, JPEG, or BMP

It is necessary for the image to be formatted correctly, neat, and have a high resolution for best results. The printer imparts the toner according to the image requirements and it forms a thin layer on the material provided. Then, heat or UV allows the toner to adhere to the material thus producing a digitally printed image. 

Digital Printing - Business Printer

Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital printers have a variety of benefits over traditional printing, so its popularity is on the rise. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Low cost: As mentioned above, digital printing has a reduced number of steps compared to the traditional method therefore it is also low cost. Your printer is a one-time purchase and in the long run, you will only have to invest in toner and material for printing. 
  • Easy to use: These printers do not require the user to have in-depth knowledge of the printing process. In fact, anyone with basic knowledge of technology can successfully use them which is why they are a popular choice for homes and offices.
  • Fast output: Traditional printers take time and can only process a request if it is in a bulk amount. But digital printers allow you to print on short notice, even if it is just one copy. This makes them ideal for unpredictable times. 
  • Better results: By eliminating the need for manually color matching, digital printers give exact results. Furthermore, work can be customized to have a glossy finish or embossed effect thus providing a lot of artistic freedom. 
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