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Should You Consider Printer Repair or Replacement?

Who doesn’t want their printer to work forever? It’s an expensive piece of equipment that you can’t possibly afford to buy every day. As much as a company despises the thought of replacing a printer, it might not be the only option. Printer repair is great for businesses that don’t have a lot of budgets to spend on constantly upgrading their printing equipment. If you’re one of those companies, this article is just for you. Here are a few factors that should help you decide whether you need a printer repair or a new printer altogether.

How Old is the Machine?

The first question that you should think about is how old the tech is. Most new printers come with warranties. So, if your printer does start acting out early on, you should be able to fix it pretty conveniently with the manufacturer’s warranty. However, it is important to note that “old” isn’t what it actually means when it comes to printers. A printer you bought three years ago isn’t technically old. If a printer purchased in the last few years breaks down, consider getting it repaired. In case your printer is more than five years old, it’ll start requiring more and more repairs. If this starts happening, you should consider getting a new one.

How Much Does Your Company Depend on a Printer?

Does your company require the use of a printer 24/7 and can’t handle inconsistencies? If so, you’re always going to need a reliable machine to help you out. The need for a repair is largely based on your dependency on a printer. Do you use the machine for tasks that can be easily delayed a few hours if the printer isn’t working? If so, you should always go for repairs. Occasional issues can easily be dealt with without a replacement if you’re not that dependent on the device.

Do Your Printer Have Spare Parts Available?

The availability of spare parts is one of the biggest reasons why companies tend to upgrade. Their previous printer requires a repair, but due to the lack of availability of spare parts, they have to skip the repair and move on to a new printer. If your machine has spare parts available readily, you probably don’t need an upgrade.

Has Your Current Printer paid Off Its Price?

Every hefty machinery like a printer is an investment. You’re paying a significant amount of money to make your printing efficient and sift out the extra costs that are produced due to lack of productivity. If your current printer is yet to generate the amount of money it cost, then it’s probably a good idea to move away from the idea of an upgrade. You should only upgrade once the current printer has paid off its price from the revenue generated.

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