Leasing a Printer and Renting

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Leasing a Printer and Renting

Leasing a Printer - Advanced Photocopy

Though leasing a printer and renting are similar, there are some big differences. Pricy and high maintenance required, yet an important piece of office kit, a printer. It is something most businesses can’t operate without.

Are you in need of a printer, but concerned about the upfront costs? Find out more about leasing a printer, with a popular and affordable alternative.

Leasing a printer is a more inexpensive alternative. Basically, leasing your printer allows you to make monthly payments to hire a machine that would maybe way out of a start-up’s price range.

With top-of-the-range printers, and a potential need to invest in more than one, leasing offers a cheap way for small businesses to access high-end technology at a price that won’t break the bank.

Leasing a printer for your business

This article should tell you all you need to know about leasing a printer for your business.

Difference between renting and leasing a printer.

Though leasing and renting are similar, there are some big differences.

Renting a printer is another affordable way to access costly equipment; set-up on a monthly rolling contract, when you rent a printer, you can terminate the contract in 30 days’ notice. This flexibility and lack of long-term commitment make renting the ideal option for start-ups.

However, this works both ways. As convenient as the short-term fix, but much less secure option.

Also, when you lease your machine, you often have the option to buy the one with a final lump sum at the end of the lease. Not the case with a rental contract.

Renting and leasing a printer

Buying Tips for a Printer Lease

Test it. While deciding between 2 or 3 copier models, ask for a demonstration of how the machines work. Or if it is a case of color print quality ask a representative to forward you copies or prints of your own document files ensuring satisfaction in advance.

When not to lease. If you expect to make fewer than 700 copies a month, then do not lease a “business” or “office” printer. It is better off purchasing a smaller desktop printer or multifunction laser printer (MFP, MFD) that would cost much less overall.

Benefits of Leasing a printer

Budget – In business, the most important thing is profit and loss. Ensuring that your company is always able to function financially is the priority so leasing instead of purchasing is always a smart move.

Versatility – When you opt to lease equipment from a vendor you have the option to change your mind and swap for different items or simply return them at a short notice.

Asset Responsibility – You don’t need to worry about the machinery depreciation as you will not be selling it on, you do not have the added stresses of worrying about any gradual wear and tears that will reduce its value as it is owned by some other company. This does not mean you can mistreat an item, as you will still have to pay the damage.

Clear inventory – By leasing, you reduce the stock of equipment. This means no concerns over correct disposal for environmental factors.

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