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New vs Used Copiers: Which is the Right One?

Purchasing a new copier for your business is a huge investment. It’s a costly piece of equipment and not one that you can purchase every day. To save money, a lot of companies resort to used copiers which aren’t exactly a bad option. However, for certain companies, used may cost them more money than save them. Here’s everything you need to know before you can make the decision.

Used Copiers Advanced Photocopy in NJ

Spare Parts

A huge factor that makes most people resort to new technology would be the availability of spare parts. Most old technology doesn’t have a supply of spare parts because the manufacturers have stopped producing these parts. The only way you’re going to find spare parts is if you contact third-party vendors and get shipments from them. On the other hand, if you’re purchasing new machines, they’ll have a range of spare part availability for at least the next 3-4 years. 


A lot of older copiers lack some of the features that are mainstream these days. Things like file backups, copy sharing, printing wirelessly, etc. are some characteristics that older machines didn’t have. These features aren’t just there for flexing. They’re extremely helpful to increase productivity in an organization. If you’re looking to get the most out of your machines, it’s better to go for modern machines equipped with the stuff your company may need.

Advanced Photocopy used copiers in NJ

Usage Frequency

Any other piece of tech doesn’t have that much wear and tear. It’ll work for years with minimal reduction in performance. Printers and copiers work a little differently. They’re prone to wear and tear through the passage of time. If your copier was used in a company where it was used extensively, there is a chance that you’re buying a piece of machinery that won’t exactly perform as expected. It’ll require a lot more repairs and the money you’re saving on the purchase will just pour into repairs in the next year or so.

Privacy and Security

There are several stories of copiers being hacked to print weird stuff. The incident where over 50,000 printers were hacked to print “Subscribe to PewDiePie” is proof that these machines could be used for a lot more malicious purposes if intended. In response to the outburst of copier hacks, manufacturers have upped the security to keep up with the threats. Older machines had close to no security to protect them from hackers simply because they were made at a time when hacking copiers wasn’t a thing. 

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Closing Thoughts

So, if you ask us, we lean towards new printers just because of the sheer benefits they have to offer. If you have also made your decision and want to find a place to buy your commercial copier, you should definitely consider buying from Advanced Photocopy. We’re one of the finest vendors of commercial copiers. Take a look into our inventory to see everything that we have to offer and we’re sure you’ll find something worth purchasing.


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